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Private class Fees

Private and semi-private classes are available in person. 

Thank you for your patronage, for supporting teachers that support your wellness and we hope you enjoy your classes.                          

Private Classes

60 min private ELDOA class $125/class 

60 min semi-private ELDOA (4 people) $35 each

60 min semi-private ELDOA (2 people) $65 each

All fees are HST applicable

payment can be made through e-transfer, cash or by credit card




Studio Grace

General Considerations

  • please arrive a few minutes early to set up with your own yoga mat
  • Best practice is to be a little warmed up and well hydrated (with water) before you arrive
  • Please wear comfortable clothing
  • Use a yoga mat 

What to Eat & Drink

For ELDOA classes, arrive hydrated and prepared to work. Hydrated means water – not coffee, tea, juice or pop.  Learn more about why hydration is important to spinal health and ELDOA in our blog post in the news section.

Business Services Trade

Shibui believes in barter and we welcome barter for your services. Email us with your proposal – it may be music lessons, fresh flowers, great local food, a handy person, or something else.

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Studio Shibui is located at 22 Tiffany  St e., Guelph, ON, N1H 1X5.

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