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Online class Fees

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Classes have moved online using the Zoom platform and to help simplify things, we want to let you know that one hour ELDOA classes are generally priced at $30/class worldwide due to the extensive training that teachers go through.  We also have a 20+ year Yoga background and many years of training and experience.  Realizing that everyone has different financial means especially during this pandemic, I encourage you to donate according to your means.  

Thank you for your patronage, for supporting teachers that support your wellness and we hope you enjoy your classes.                          Please send any feedback or questions to

Online Classes

Normally 60 min ELDOA classes cost $30/class

With this in mind, please donate according to your means- we hope you value our high level of training.  Thank you.



Private Instruction online

Single 60 min $50

Semi-private 60 min $90 ($45 for each person) 

please email us to book a private time 

ZOOM Studio Grace

General Considerations

  • The zoom link to all movement classes is available on our newsletter and throughout the website.  Just click on the link a few minutes before class starts and be ready with your mat set up.
  • Best practice is to sign up for the newsletter which is sent our on Sundays with the next weeks schedule – find the schedule on our home page
  • Please ensure you are muted at the beginning of class
  • Please ring in 5-10 minutes before the start of class to ensure a smooth start and to inform the instructor of any concerns or questions
  • Please wear comfortable clothing 
  • Use a yoga mat or any type of floor mat you have 
  • It can be helpful to have a bit of blank wall space, the side of a couch or the back of a chair to support your legs when you are in a supine posture in some yoga and ELDOA postures
  • Space in class always available online – please feel free to share the link with friends – class times are always in EST

What to Eat & Drink

For ELDOA classes, arrive hydrated and prepared to work. Hydrated means water – not coffee, tea, juice or pop.  Learn more about why hydration is important to spinal health and ELDOA in our blog post in the news section.

Energy Exchange Program

Help the studio with tech support and/or administration in exchange for classes. Get in touch to discuss this option.

Business Services Trade

Shibui believes in barter and we welcome barter for your services. Email us with your proposal – it may be music lessons, fresh flowers, great local food, a handy person, or something else.

still have questions?


Studio Shibui is located at 22 Tiffany  St e., Guelph, ON, N1H 1X5.

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