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DEEP Dive Eldoa saturdays

Instructor: Gina Giammarco
Mar 14 , 2020   



Space is limited

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This is a great workshop to immerse yourself and learn more about this emerging and effective practice called ELDOA. Created by inspiring French Osteopath Guy Voyer. Experience your tension melt away. We have had great success with people that have suffered concussions, injuries and general postural challenges from sitting, driving and computer/phone use.

Mantra workshop

Instructors: Barbara Dametto & Natalia Brajak
Feb 9, 2020    4-5pm
Suggested Donation $10
Children ages 8 & up welcome

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Mantra yoga is the yoga of sound. It is considered to be the most sacred and direct path to achieving oneness with the Divine. The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit root meaning “manas” (mind) and “trai” (to liberate or protect). A mantra is a vocal prayer vested with the energy to evoke peace and empowerment. Mantra is a form of meditation because it brings the practitioner into a still mind.

Om or Aum is the most important and significant word of the mantra Hindu tradition. Known as a “maha” or great mantra, this sound is believed to be the sound of existence. The whole universe in its fundamental form is made up of vibrating, pulsating energy. Om is considered to be the humming sound of this cosmic energy. It is the primordial creative sound from which the entire universe is manifested. 

Please join Natalia Brajak on shruti and guitar, Barbara Eva Dametto on shruti, accompanied by Shawn Fisher on violin and Mark Spagnolo on tabla for an hour of Om and other simple, beautiful mantras.


Chakra Yoga Workshop

Instructor: Barbara Eva Dametto
Feb 22   1-4:00pm
Suitable for all levels

limit of 10 participants – this workshop sells out

This 3-hour long afternoon workshop will focus on the ancient Hindu chakra system and how it relates to yoga.

The word “chakra” means spinning wheel and in yoga, refers to the 7 distinct energy centres that run along the spine from the tailbone to the crown of the head.

In this class, we will learn and practice asana (poses) and pranayama (breath-work) techniques to stimulate, strengthen and balance each of the 7 energy centres. We will also learn about the psychological and physiological associations for each chakra centre.

Hand-outs will be provided and other resources will be shared such as books, videos, guided chakra balancing meditation and original music (available for purchase).

Suitable for all levels but some previous knowledge of yoga will be helpful. 10 students maximum.

Barbara Dametto received her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Pyramid Yoga Centre in Thailand. She has been teaching chakra yoga for over 10 years and hatha yoga for 20 years.


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