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Natalia Brajak

Owner & Founder, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, ELDOA 3 Instructor, Gratefulness Gathering Facilitator, psychotherapist and psychedelic integration guide

Natalia is the owner and founder of Studio Shibui. She has served people in the wellness sector since 1999.

As co-founder of Moksha Yoga (now Modo Yoga) in 2003, she ran yoga studios in Toronto and Oakville for more than 10 years. She has diverse trainings in yoga and movement practices including Thai massage and level 3 ELDOA.

Natalia’s trainings and experience include Transpersonal and Spiritual psychotherapy, ACT, IFS, Spiritual direction, Enneagram, Buddhist meditation, Entheogen ceremonial work and Unity Field supported pattern release  facilitation.

Natalia teaches ELDOA, yoga, and is currently in private practice.

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Studio Shibui is located at 22 Tiffany  St e., Guelph, ON, N1H 1X5.

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