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Natalia Brajak

Owner & Founder, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, ELDOA 3 Instructor, Facilitator Healthy Digital Diet & Gratefulness Gathering Groups

Natalia is the owner and founder of Studio Shibui. She has served people in the wellness sector since 1999.

As co-founder of Moksha Yoga (now Modo Yoga) in 2003, she ran yoga studios in Toronto and Oakville for more than 10 years. She has diverse trainings in yoga and movement practices including Thai massage and level 3 ELDOA.

Natalia’s trainings and experience include Transpersonal and Spiritual psychotherapy, non-violent communication, Spiritual direction, Enneagram teacher training, Buddhist meditation, Shamanic medicine transformation and Unity Consciousness Bubble facilitation.

Natalia teaches ELDOA at the studio, and is currently in private practice.

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Gina Giammarco

Pilates and Movement Educator, ELDOA  3 Instructor

Since 1999, Gina has been studying and training in movement techniques. After completing her yoga training, she went on to complete Pilates mat and equipment certifications.

Now holding specialization diplomas in “Anatomy & Biomechanics”, “Post Rehab” and “Diverse Populations including Seniors and Athletes”, Gina’s passion is all about helping students and clients get stronger and move better to feel better.

Gina teaches ELDOA and Pilates at the studio.

Kristin Honey

Yoga & ELDOA level 2 Instructor

Kristin has been practising and teaching yoga for more than 20 years.  She is a student, teacher, mentor and community builder. Her teaching is rooted in a variety of experience and influences from Iyengar and Astanga yoga, somatic practices and Buddhist meditation traditions.  Her playful curiosity about the foundations of body awareness, breath and presence keep her continually exploring methods that bring her and her students closer to their own truth.  Kristin’s classes are intelligent, warm and full of heart, encouraging students to gain insight from their own felt experience.  Her teaching includes functional and somatic movements for daily living, alignment and methods that encourage us to be real and arrive just as we are in our bodies, hearts, and minds.  Over many years, Kristin’s love of community has helped to create space in downtown Guelph for sharing practice, healing, and self exploration. For more information about classes, workshops, pelvic health and collaborations, visit

Alan gensho florence

Senior level teacher of Yoga, Zen and ELDOA level 3 certified

Alan has practised yoga and zen for just over fifty years. He began yoga in the late 60’s and went on to study with Iyengar and later with Jill Miller. In 1971 he ordained as a zen trainee with Houn Jiyu Roshi, spending six years in the monastery and receiving certification. Wanting to dig deeper, he explored other teachers, and has continued for the past twenty two years to practise zen with Shodo Harada Roshi whom he assists in leading retreats at Tahoma Zen monastery. 
Alan was introduced to Eldoa by Natalia and is a level 3 instructor. Other deep influences on his work include Aikido and Qigong.
Living fully in this body, this breath, this moment, we can free ourselves of our suffering. 

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Erin Atchison 

ELDOA 2 Instructor

Erin is an active Kitchener resident and public servant who finds herself spending a lot of time in Guelph. Throughout the years, Erin has been active playing sports, practicing yoga and in the gym weight training or at spin class. Erin discovered ELDOA somewhat accidentally, but oh is she happy she did!

Feeling as though her body no longer knew the correct way to ‘be’ anymore, Erin tried ELDOA hoping it would help her body find its way back to balance. After experiencing the amazing effects of ELDOA, Erin trained as an ELDOA 2 instructor. Erin is passionate about learning and sharing skills that help people tend to their own health and wellness. “I look forward to meeting all of Guelph’s current (and soon-to-be) ELDOA lovers!”.


Studio Shibui is located at 11 Quebec St., Guelph, ON, N1H 2T1.

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