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Instructors: Natalia Brajak, Gina Giammarco, Alex Carriero, Kristin Honey, Erin Atchison & sometimes Alan Gensho Florence 

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ELDOA is a revolutionary, cutting-edge stretching and strengthening technique for the spine and joints of the body. These exercises create space between every level of your spine, your hips and shoulders, to alleviate back pain and improve your overall posture. It Improves joint mechanics and relieves pressure from the discs. As your body ages, you don’t have to buy into the belief that you have no choice but to deteriorate and experience compromised health and increased pain. ELDOA can increase organ health and function, poise and easeful range of motion by rebalancing your structure and freeing the spine. It’s the cherry on top of any exercise and health regime. Most people benefit from one regular session per week. Make sure you are regularly hydrating with pure water to receive maximum benefit.  Just wear comfy clothes and socks when you come to class.  Bring a yoga mat if you have one.  Please note that this class offers major benefits to how your body feels, your outlook on life – with minimal sweat – so you can take class and go to work straight after without having to shower.  Come on your lunch break and feel rejuvenated for your afternoon.

Moving and Sounding into Stillness

Instructor: Barbara (Eva) Dametto
Suitable for all levels.

This class combines simple flowing yoga asana practice, sacred vowel toning/mantra chanting and silent, seated meditation. The idea is that we start class by stretching, grounding and strengthening the densest part of our being -the physical body. We then move into vocal toning and mantra chanting to stimulate the throat chakra and connect to our vibrational bodies. We end the class by coming into silence and stillness in order to calm and discipline the mind. Participants will thus explore and experience 3 different aspects or “layers” of themselves (known as koshas in yoga) – the physical, the energetic and the mental. This class is simple yet powerful and will instil a deep sense of connection to one’s self on many levels.

Chakra yoga

Instructor: Barbara (Eva) Dametto
Suitable for all levels.

This class follows a sequence of yogic techniques to empower each of the 7 chakras. We begin by grounding our physical bodies by practising strengthening asana poses (1st chakra). We then move into simple stretches and yoga flows to open our hips and create flexibility in the spine (2nd chakra). Pranayama (breathwork) follows in order to invigorate our lungs, stimulate digestion and get our energy flowing (3rd chakra). Next, we learn chest opening poses to connect to our hearts and upper backs. We then practice sacred vowel toning and mantras to empower our throats and bring us to what is true for us (5th chakra). By the end of the class, we are ready to sit in silence and observe what is presented to that moment (6th chakra). Our yogic journey through the chakras is an ancient practice that cultivates deep awareness, strong bodies and equanimous minds. 

Gratefulness Gatherings

This class will resume in the spring of 2020 Online
(Suggested $10 donation)

Gratefulness Gatherings are an opportunity to cultivate communal space where we can explore grateful living as an orientation to life. Gratefulness Gatherings take place at the local level, in person, hosted by members of the community. Through rich discussion and collective wisdom, Gratefulness Gatherings help inform and deepen our relationship with grateful living and usher it into the common lexicon.

Each month is focused on a particular theme, shared by Gratefulness Gatherings everywhere. The host facilitates the gathering, beginning with a moment of grounding and introductions to welcome any newcomers. Hosts will remind participants of the gathering guidelines then move into the discussion portion of the meeting. There is no specified structure to the discussion portion, and everyone is welcome to participate within their comfort level. Hosts do not present or teach but rather facilitate the discussion as needed to help keep conversation flowing.

Theme 5 materials for May 2019 please click on the link to prepare

Meditation Gatherings with Jeff Warren & Shibui instructors

Upcoming Dates:

  • To be announced (55 mins)
  • To be announced (45 mins)

Suggested $10 donation

All about the adventure of meditation. Jeff’s interest is in empowering people to become their own teachers. He does this by helping people understand the core psycho-spiritual skills developed in a practice – concentration, clarity, equanimity and compassion – how they work, how they can be mixed and matched in a meditation to fit with each person’s natural ability, and how they deepen over time to transform suffering and increase healing and connection. Each class will begin with a short intro, move into a lightly guided meditation, and end with an opportunity for sharing and discussion.


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