Testimonials | Studio Shibui
Learning Eldoa at Studio Shibui has been a truly transformative experience. I would describe Eldoa as having your very own personal physiotherapist and osteopath encapsulated in a series of movements that you do with your own body. I suffered from various impacts to my spine and body including a broken rib, 6 minor and 1 major concussion. Through practicing Eldoa I noticed vast improvements almost immediately and find this practice to be one of the most significant I have found in terms of effective, long-lasting change in my body. Not only have I gotten my body back and healed those injuries (ones I wasn’t even aware of) but I’ve become more intimately aware of how my body wants to sit, stand and move. I’m aware of my spine and core so my body stays in healthy alignment. Eldoa has also been beneficial for my post-concussion symptoms and is a must if you’ve suffered a TBI. Run, don’t walk, to an Eldoa class at Studio Shibui. – Jodie B.