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Natalia Brajak

Owner & Founder, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, ELDOA 3 Instructor, Facilitator Healthy Digital Diet & Gratefulness Gathering Groups

Natalia is the owner and founder of Studio Shibui. She has served people in the wellness sector since 1999.

As co-founder of Moksha Yoga (now Modo Yoga) in 2003, she ran yoga studios in Toronto and Oakville for more than 10 years. She has diverse trainings in yoga and movement practices including Thai massage and level 3 ELDOA.

Natalia’s trainings and experience include Transpersonal and Spiritual psychotherapy, non-violent communication, Spiritual direction, Enneagram teacher training, Buddhist meditation, Shamanic medicine transformation and Unity Consciousness Bubble facilitation.

Natalia teaches ELDOA at the studio, and is currently in private practice.

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Gina Giammarco

Pilates and Movement Educator, ELDOA  3 Instructor

Since 1999, Gina has been studying and training in movement techniques. After completing her yoga training, she went on to complete Pilates mat and equipment certifications.

Now holding specialization diplomas in “Anatomy & Biomechanics”, “Post Rehab” and “Diverse Populations including Seniors and Athletes”, Gina’s passion is all about helping students and clients get stronger and move better to feel better.

Gina teaches ELDOA and Pilates at the studio.

Alex Carriero 

ELDOA 2 Instructor

Barbara (Eva) Dametto

Barbara (Eva) Dametto is a yoga teacher, certified sound practitioner, journey dance facilitator and visual artist.

She received her 500-hour YTT at Pyramid Yoga Centre in Thailand and has been teaching yoga since 2008. Barbara is the founder of Breathe True Yoga in Guelph.

Clare Esler

Clare is a healing guide who leads a life centred in joy. With love and simplicity as her intent, Clare offers a playful, intuitive and joy-filled movement practice. She sees movement as an every day gift that develops a strong and awakened mind, body and spirit.

Clare is a certified 200-RYT with Karma Teachers Toronto, a training in movement of selfless service. Her continuing education has included training from such gifted teachers as Jane Clapp, Troy Turi, Jolene Bayda, Andre Talbot, Diane Bruni and the Yoga Detour Teacher’s Immersion Program with Cecily Milne. Clare’s classes combine a variety of movement modalities including functional range conditioning, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Qi Gong, and various movements to regulate the nervous system. She is most inspired by the teachings of the empathic healer, author and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn.

Nico Leighton

Yoga Instructor

Nicole is a born and raised Guelphite who has been practicing yoga for as long as she can remember. In 2013, she completed her Blissology Yoga Teacher Training in Tofino, British Columbia. She is an avid traveler and has carried both her practice and her love of teaching around the globe with her. She is the creator of PARK YOGA, a series of outdoor sessions during the summertime, inspired by her combined love of yoga and nature.

Nicole believes that yoga is a beautiful process of unwinding into oneself, quieting the mind in order to find a subtler internal truth. She hopes to inspire people to stay present, intentional and joyful in their experience of being alive, in their bodies, in their relationships and in the world.

Kristin Honey

Yoga & ELDOA level 2 Instructor

Kristin has been practising and teaching yoga for more than 20 years.  She is a student, teacher, mentor and community builder. Her teaching is rooted in a variety of experience and influences from Iyengar and Astanga yoga, somatic practices and Buddhist meditation traditions.  Her playful curiosity about the foundations of body awareness, breath and presence keep her continually exploring methods that bring her and her students closer to their own truth.  Kristin’s classes are intelligent, warm and full of heart, encouraging students to gain insight from their own felt experience.  Her teaching includes functional and somatic movements for daily living, alignment and methods that encourage us to be real and arrive just as we are in our bodies, hearts, and minds.  Over many years, Kristin’s love of community has helped to create space in downtown Guelph for sharing practice, healing, and self exploration. For more information about classes, workshops, pelvic health and collaborations, visit

Melissa Reid

Kundalini Yoga

Everybody needs a personal, physical practice in order to stay healthy and balanced. Kundalini yoga is a physical practice that has given me a whole new relationship with my prana — it has made me deeply interested in my energy and the energy all around me.

Before studying kundalini yoga, I practiced both Iyengar and hatha yoga, completing my hatha yoga teacher training in 2012 at Kula Annex in Toronto. I have taught vinyasa, yin, prenatal, and restorative yoga. I will be completing my 200-hour kundalini yoga teacher training with Sat Dharam Kaur in Owen Sound at The Trillium Healing Arts Centre in early 2019.

I am truly grateful that my yogic path has led me to kundalini yoga. It is an ancient
practice that can offer its practitioners freedom and ease in the body, mind, and spirit. It is my honour to share this beautiful and transformative practice with Guelph.

Lerrita Rubinoff

Yoga Instructor

Lerrita is originally from Brazil and has gained her experience in yoga through living and studying in India under different yoga traditions and teachers.

She left Brazil to live in India in 1991 where she studied Yoga in Rishikesh and meditation in Bodhgaya and worked with the Mother Theresa Mission in Calcutta. She spent over six years in Indian ashrams and meditation centers studying in the authentic Indian tradition. It was in India that she become a certified yoga instructor.

Lerrita arrived in Canada in 1997 to visit her very best friend Trevor. She didn’t know what lay ahead! They were married and now have a beautiful daughter. Lerrita has since been teaching yoga in Canada. Yoga is her passion. She is an eternal student of yoga.

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Elaine Uskoski

Facilitator, Healthy Digital Diet Support Group

Elaine is an author, speaker, certified Iridologist, Thought Field Therapy practitioner and nutritional expert. Elaine has an extensive background in social services and over 17 years of clinical experience. Her clinic is located in Southwestern Ontario close to the GTA.

Elaine Uskoski provides her clients with a “whole” approach to their health, capitalizing on her many years of study and practical experience. Let your eyes not just be your window on the world but your window to better health too!

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Jeff Warren

Meditation Gatherings

Jeff Warren is a writer and meditation instructor, celebrated for his accessible and pragmatic style of teaching. He is co-author of The New York Times bestselling Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, and author of The Head Trip – a travel guide to sleeping, dreaming and waking.

In 2011 Jeff founded The Consciousness Explorers Club (CEC), a nonprofit meditation adventure group based in Toronto. The CEC’s motto is “being human takes practice.”

Jeff has taught meditation to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the US Army, Arizona cops, Google executives, distractible teens, suspicious journalists, burned-out caregivers, streetwise young offenders, and every other conceivable demographic of freethinker, including squirmy eight-year old boys.

He and his wife have recently moved to Guelph, where he likes to meditate under the old trees.

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                     Louisa Pucci

                     Yoga Instructor and Thai Massage Practitioner



Lisa Cipparone

Yoga Instructor

Lisa is a Yoga Teacher, Akashic Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher, Channel of the Divine, Circle Facilitator, Spiritual Coach, a Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School and the Wayshower for a new earth healing modality called Heart Startgate Healing & Activation. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. Originally a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Lisa works with clients one on one and in small groups to offer transformational healing, trainings and restorative styles of yoga.

In 2001 she completed two 200 hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in Toronto. Over the years she has taken many Teacher Training to enhance her skills.  Lisa’s area of focus are therapeutic in nature and include Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Soma Yoga, where she integrates principles of somatic movement, the teachings of Feldenkrais, the Tensegrity Repair Series and the wisdom of Mudras. Lisa also teaches Kids Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings. To learn more about Lisa’s offerings, please visit her website here:

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